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Accessibility statement

The web-based application "Events diary" is intended to be widely accessible to all browsing devices available. It can be viewed in modern browsers on Windows, Linux/BSD or Mac OS X platforms.

In legacy browsers, on alternative browsing devices or handheld gadgets is the application usable in the same manner and all data is accessible, only the look-and-feel of the application is not present.

The application is built upon XHTML 1.0 Strict and CSS 2.1 standards and tends to adopt them in the best available way.

The web also adheres to WAI WCAG 1.0 and SONS BFW guidelines and "Rules of Accessible Website Creation" (for purpose of an amendment to Act no. 365/2000 Coll., on public administration information systems).

The application "Events diary" doesn't use accesskeys, due to its matter. For better accessibility is there present a link on the beginning of each non-visually rendered page for skipping the navigation block, which can be used by screen readers or text browsers for faster skipping to the content of the page.

The web app was made by Alphanumeric. With your questions about this web or problems with accesibility of the application please contact the web design studio Alphanumeric on e-mail support@alpha­

The web-based application is maintained by Krajský úřad plzeňského kraje, with questions about the usage of the application please contact Department of informatics.